TOYOTA VENZA Navigation And Infotainment System with NIGERIA roads and cities Map+DVD+Rear view camera+Bluetooth+TV



Product description

Functions for Wince platform:

◆ Digital HD touch screen (800 x 480 pixels),

◆Compatible with DVD, VCD, CD, MP4, DIVX, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW etc.

◆USB: supported and use immediately

◆SD card function

◆Built-in FM radio with 18FM preset

◆Supports Bluetooth functions with A2DP, support BT music play function

◆Steering wheel control function

◆4 x 50W power amplifier output

◆Supports external power amplifier

◆Rear-view function control

◆Video and audio input

Optional features:

◆GPS function

◆AM function

◆Analogue TV and Digital TV function

◆Capacitive touch screen    7 inches

◆Mirror link

◆Support 1080P video play


Map Details
Map Coverage The map coverage includes: • Nigerian Roads and Streets (36 states and Abuja as well as 774 Local Governments). • Over 2 million Unique destinations (Points of Interests) connected by kilometers of road network • Points of Interest with multiple categories supporting travel related to tourism, business, week-end entertainment, daily needs etc. • Smart single-line, predictive and easy place search • Voice Guidance • Navigation “turn-by-turn” voice • Ability to block the road section of the route, • Accurate and fast route calculation, conversion, • Advanced Lane Guidance, • Administration of the distance to the target and forecast the time of arrival • Road signs, • The speed limit. AV-IN FUNCTION ENABLES THE GPS DEVICE TO CONNECT WITH THE REAR VIEW CAR CAMERA, WITH BLUETOOTH YOU CAN DRIVE AND RECEIVE CALLS HANDS-FREE
NAVIGATION MapmyNigeria GPS Navigator device comes with voice instructions, and tells you exactly where and when to turn, so that you can reach your destination conveniently. Simply type in the name of the location or point of interest you are looking for and you will see it appear on the map. To make things easier, you don’t even have to type in the exact spelling or the full name of the location. The brand new search handles all those for you, so you don’t waste time typing. Simply enter your destination, and start moving. Even if you miss a turn, it instantly re-calculates and gives you the new route. You can find points of interest (Eg Fuel Station, Banks, Restaurants, etc) near your current location, along the way or near the destination

Product Description



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